Administration and Incorporation Services

If you’re looking for privacy combined with jurisdictional diversification of your business interests, then you should consider the Cook Islands to achieve this objective. Whether it’s with the use of an International Company or an LLC, Ora is your platform for Business Administration from the Cook Islands.

We offer a wide array of financial and administrative services including;

  • initial consultation to establish needs and requirements;
  • advise on appropriate vehicles for business purposes;
  • establishment of business vehicles or structures;
  • management, accounting, fiduciary and nominee services;
  • bank and other financial type account opening with reputable financial institutions worldwide;
  • referrals to legal, investment and management professionals worldwide.


 Why the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands provides a competitive advantage over incorporating in a jurisdiction, which does not have legislation specifically designed to give you an advantage over your competitors. With cutting edge laws and modern banking facilities, the Cook Islands offer a unique platform from which to conduct your business in a tax free environment backed up with very strict privacy laws.

We specialise in multi-jurisdictional structures and can combine the advantages of Cook Islands offshore legislation, with New Zealand registered vehicles. We have strong relationships with reputable banks in the Cook Islands and investment and management firms all over the world.

Important notice as to the provision of our services.

Our services can only be offered through professional advisors (such as law firms and financial advisors) acting on behalf of the ultimate or end-user client. The weight of regulatory oversight also means that we must charge an initial consultation fee of $5,000 before we can consult and advise with regards the provisions of our services including the completion of our due diligence and compliance procedures.

Should you meet the above criteria, then we would be delighted to answer any questions you may have?