Buy Gold Through a Cook Islands Asset Protection Trust

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Buy Gold Through a Cook Islands Asset Protection Trust

If you are looking for an asset with low volatility, security against inflation, and can hold its value during unforeseen catastrophic economic events, then you will be interested in Gold and other precious metals. While there is nothing new in buying  Gold, what we offer through a Cook Islands Asset Protection Trust is an insurance policy that you keep your Gold!
In order to provide a bespoke solution to our clients, we have partnered with a reputable gold storage firm out of New Zealand. New Zealand Vault Limited has been providing safe deposit services since 1931. New Zealand Vault runs depositories located in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. They are privately owned and independent of the banking system and Government. Their vaults have been built to treasury-grade with multi-level electronic security systems that make them world-class. Gold bullion is segregated and stored in the name of the Trust and most importantly insured with Lloyds of London.
Our solution in this volatile world is to buy your Gold and other precious metals through a vehicle with an outstanding and proven track record for wealth preservation – a Cook Islands Asset Protection Trust.
We offer:

  • establishment of a “Gold Trust” in the world’s premier asset protection jurisdiction;
  • purchase of gold and other precious metals, or convert existing assets into gold or other precious metals;
  • storage with a reputable gold storage company in a safe, stable jurisdiction.

New Zealand has a developed a strong reputation as a safe harbor for investment and capital. The economy is highly developed with a sound banking system; an independent judiciary; and a highly regarded common-law legal system. New Zealand has a proud history of independence especially on matters of foreign policy as illustrated by its anti-nuclear policy.
In the Forbes report of ‘Best Countries for Business’, New Zealand regularly ranks number 1 for lowest levels of corruption; personal freedom; investor protection; and lack of red tape. For example, New Zealand has no import duties and no sales tax on bullion that meets certain purity levels. For gold, this is 99.5%, and for silver, this is 99.9%.