Money Management Platform


NOW YOU CAN Do more with your money with an i-Account. A simple, effective, and easier way to use and manage your money. One card does it all – money transfers, payment of bills, instant cash and much more!

Multi-currency account

Fancy some currency trading? Or you simply want the ease of transacting (buying and selling) in multi currencies? Are you buying from a foreign country? If you answered YES, then we can help you.

Through i-Account, you can receive foreign currency remittances from other banks, make online currency exchanges at anytime and enjoy fast and convenient account settlement services. Yes, an i-Account can make your life and way of doing business so much easier with a multi currency account at the best rates and services.

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International money transfer service is available anytime

Instant international transfers can be done from your pc, tablet or smart phone, anytime 24/7. Forget about trying to send money through your local banks – do it yourself and save on costs! And you can trade in any one of the top ten global currencies.


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Make purchases and withdrawals – from anywhere!

Set up an account with our selected partners and you receive customized, value added services like instant cash through a MasterCard prepaid card service. With this card in hand, cardholders can withdraw local currency from ATMs globally, and use it for online and in-store shopping wherever MasterCard is accepted. What’s even better is that this unique prepaid card service can be issued to anyone, including those who do not qualify for credit cards or those unable to open bank accounts.

It’s as easy as 1 2 3 – A variety of ways to deposit your money

You can deposit funds to your i-Account using a bank wire or an existing credit card. Transfers between individual i-Accounts happen automatically.

Instant transfer to third-party accounts

An i-Account allows instant transfers to a third-party account. This reduces the time delay compared with international bank transfers AND you pay way less in transfer fees. Compare our rates to what others (especially banks) charge!!! An i-Account can be used for online shopping and anything else online!

Multi-functional corporate account

For our corporate clients, we have something really special. An i-Account can lower your costs on making payments – again compare our rates! The corporate account allows you to easily handle one-off transfers to multiple accounts or bulk transfers on a designated date, as well as reoccurring automatic payments. This is an excellent way to pay your employees without the usual banking fees!

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Required documents for opening an i-Account

Please provide following documents when applying for an i-Account:

1. One copy of ID (Passport or ID Card)
2. One copy of Address Proof (utility bills, i.e. electricity, gas, water, mobile phone, bank statements, driver’s license or residential proof)

※ All the above documents must NOT be more than 3 months old, or should have a validity period of at least 3 months. See examples here.

After your application is approved, an authentication URL will be sent to the Email address which you have registered with an i-account. Please remember to click the URL to complete your i-account opening.

※ The authentication URL will be invalid if the link is not activated within 10 days validation period, at that time you need to email to apply for reissue.

Disclosure Statement:

This page promotes services provided by i-Account Services (HK) Limited which is a Hong Kong (SAR) incorporated company, Registration No. 1908394, Hong Kong Money Services Operator License No. 13-06-01226.  Ora Fiduciary (Cook Islands) Limited does not itself provide the services promoted on this page, nor does it provide money exchange or remittance services out of the Cook Islands