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Investing in the Cook Islands? What you need to know

Invest In The Cook Islands

Invest in a safe and stable economy – the Cook Islands.

If you’re looking for an alternative place to live or invest your hard earned wealth, then look no further than the Cook Islands.  The Cook Islands offer a safe, stable and secure environment in which to do business. The Islands have a parliamentary democracy based on the Westminster model, with a British legal system founded on judicial independence. The Cook Islands has had self-government since 1965 but remains a state in ‘free association’ with New Zealand. A well educated, English-speaking workforce, a soundly regulated financial system, modern infrastructure and a thriving business community enables the Cook Islands to be a safe investment opportunity.

Representation and Support Services

We offer legal, accounting, and planning advice with regards to investments inthe Cook Islands.  We assist clients with;

  • exploring investment opportunities that best fit you and your needs;
  • making introductions to business partners and opportunities in the Cook Islands;
  • purchase of property in the Cook Islands;
  • liaising with relevant government agencies;
  • on-going management and administrative services of your investments in the Cook Islands.

Additionally, we can facilitate the establishment and ongoing administration of a business registered and domiciled within the Cook Islands. The business will operate and have a physical presence in the Cook Islands with Ora maintaining any administrative tasks you require.

Cook Islands Requirements

To be able to invest in and operate a business in the Cook Islands, a foreign national will need to apply and have approval to have work permits and a residential status in the Cook Islands.  This is normally a 6 to 8 week process, but each case will be determined on its own merits and could take longer.